China's Nonperforming Loans Cross-border Resolution
Jinghan Xu

Jinghan Xu

Jinghan Xu

Partner at Beijing Dacheng Law Firm
Advisor at Yu Du Consulting


Jinghan Xu, a seasoned Chinese legal professional, holds the position of partner at Beijing Dacheng Law Firm, which is Dentons’ preferred legal entity in China. Additionally, she lends her expertise to Yu Du Consulting as an esteemed advisor. With a focus on white-collar crime and financial disputes, Ms. Xu boasts a wealth of experience in navigating complex legal matters within the Chinese legal landscape.

Work Experience

With over 15 years of legal expertise, Ms. Xu’s tenure as a partner at Dacheng Law Firm underscores her extensive experience in the field. Specializing primarily in criminal defense within the realm of white-collar crime, she diligently advocates for entrepreneurs and corporate executives, as well as represents victims entangled in financial fraud cases.

Moreover, Ms. Xu’s proficiency extends to the intricate domain of financial disputes. She offers strategic counsel on compliance, governance, and risk management for financial institutions, adeptly navigating commercial disputes that may arise therein.

In her legal practice, Ms. Xu adeptly handles a spectrum of cases, including the retrieval of criminal proceeds from overseas and debt collection matters. Collaborating closely with the adept professionals at Yu Du Consulting, she ensures comprehensive client service and resolution.