China's Nonperforming Loans Cross-border Resolution
Guodong Du

Guodong Du

Guodong Du

Partner at Beijing Hylands Law Firm
Chief expert at Yu Du Consulting


Guodong Du, a seasoned Chinese lawyer with nearly two decades of experience, specializes in resolving cross-border civil and commercial disputes related to China. As a partner at Hylands Law Firm in Beijing, which boasts a network of 30 offices across China, Mr. Du leads a distinguished practice. Additionally, he serves as the chief expert at Yu Du Consulting, leveraging this role to foster collaborations with legal professionals from various firms, particularly focusing on global asset recovery endeavors.

Work Experience

Before joining Hylands, Mr. Du accumulated over a decade of legal experience at Dacheng Law Firm and Anli Law Offices.

In his early career phase, Mr. Du concentrated on resolving foreign direct investment (FDI) disputes, adeptly representing foreign investors entangled in joint venture conflicts with local Chinese counterparts before domestic courts and arbitration bodies. Over time, his focus shifted towards venture capital disputes, encompassing a spectrum from conflicts among venture capital entities to disputes involving technology company founders and executives with equity stakes.

Amidst a shift in China’s investment landscape, Mr. Du pivoted towards international trade disputes, predominantly advocating for international traders embroiled in conflicts with Chinese suppliers. Additionally, he occasionally acted on behalf of Chinese suppliers in the pursuit of payments from overseas buyers.

In recent years, Mr. Du has discerned a concerning trend in China’s financial disputes: debtors frequently transfer assets abroad post-financing to evade debt repayment obligations. Leveraging his expertise in cross-border accounts receivable collection, he assists Chinese financial creditors in reclaiming assets stashed overseas, thus ensuring their interests are safeguarded within and beyond China’s borders.


Mr. Du holds both a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in procedural law from the prestigious China University of Political Science and Law. His academic background underscores his expertise in legal procedures, enriching his professional prowess in navigating complex legal landscapes with precision and insight.


In addition to his legal practice, Mr. Du serves as a researcher at the Lawyer Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, where he contributes to advancing legal scholarship and knowledge. Moreover, he holds a position as a lecturer at Abu Dhabi Judicial Academy, United Arab Emirates, where he imparts his expertise to legal professionals, further enriching the global legal community with his insights and experience.