China's Nonperforming Loans Cross-border Resolution
Meng Yu

Meng Yu

Meng Yu

Head of International Practice at Yu Du Consulting


Meng Yu is a seasoned legal professional specializing in international practice, currently serving as the Head of International Practice at Yu Du Consulting. With extensive experience in non-performing loans collection and foreign judgment collection, Meng excels in navigating cross-border legal frameworks to ensure effective resolution of disputes for clients operating across diverse jurisdictions.

Work Experience

As Head of International Practice, Meng leads the department overseeing international legal matters. Her responsibilities include managing the recovery and work-out of non-performing loans, as well as facilitating cross-border dispute resolution. She is also a licensed legal professional in the PRC. Her expertise and guidance have been instrumental in achieving outstanding results for clients with global interests.

Meng’s expertise in international practice is evident through her engagements as a keynote speaker and external expert. She has delivered addresses at prestigious events such as the Asian Private International Law Academy (APILA) Conference in Japan and symposiums in Barbados and Singapore, sharing insights on mutual recognition and enforcement of judgments.

As an external expert, Meng has also provided valuable contributions to initiatives aimed at improving international and regional legal frameworks. She has offered expert opinions for projects organized by institutions such as the European Commission and the Asian Business Law Institute, providing critical insights on foreign judgments enforcement and its implications for international legal practice.

Additionally, Meng shares her knowledge and experience as a Lecturer at prestigious institutions including China University of Political Science and Law and the University of the West Indies at Cave Hill in Barbados. Through her teaching, Meng empowers future legal professionals with insights into Chinese law, private international law, and the international protection of cultural heritage.


Meng holds a Ph.D. in Procedure Law from China University of Political Science and Law, with her research focusing on various aspects of international legal practice. As a Visiting Researcher at the Art-Law Center, University of Geneva, Switzerland, Meng expanded her understanding of global legal dynamics.


Meng is a prolific author, with publications featured in journals such as Global Discourse, the International Journal of Cultural Policy, and the Chinese Journal of Comparative Law. Her scholarly contributions encompass topics ranging from the recognition and enforcement of judgments to the recovery of cultural objects, making significant contributions to advancing understanding in key areas of international legal practice.